Laurey Foulkes ~ artist




I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up with a family of artists, musicians, and animators. My family's unique interests and artistic expressions exposed me to an eclectic mix of modern art, music, cinema, comics, curios, crafting and other amusements. After I was finally done with high school, I took about 4 years off to explore my varied interests until I was ready to focus and go on to getting an art education. In 1987 I graduated with a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles.


sitting in the cafe at the Louvre, Paris, 2010


I spent the next three years working in a variety of art related jobs doing design work, craft work and teaching before landing a job woking as an artist for Walt Disney Feature Animation. After working in animation I got married and moved up north to continue my artistic practice until our daughter was born, in which time I took a hiatus from art making. As she got older I eventually got back into the studio to devote more time to my art. 

I have participated in solo and group exhibitions in both the Los Angeles area and the Bay Area, and I have quite a few pieces in private collections. 






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